Hoteliers will follow the pulse of the European market!


Hoteliers will immediately follow the pulse of the European market!

AmonRa Software and GIATA have completed a project to bring the earliest statistics of the European market to the service of the tourism industry, signing a very important collaboration.

Burkay Bozkurt  – AmonRa Software Marketing and Business Development Manager

Market Stats, which show the hotel’s interest in all booking systems on the market, including traditional tour operator systems, allow you to observe industry trends. In addition to all booking systems and travel portals, travel agencies and leading GDS / CRS systems also collect data so professionals can track requests to their own hotels and competitors. Burkay Bozkurt, director of software marketing and business development at AmonRa, stressed the significance of the project, saying: “GIATA, the world’s number one hotel content provider. Thanks to the web technologies we developed as AmonRa Software, we have made these statistics easily available anywhere, anytime. ” Market Stats, which allows the analysis of the past 10 years’ data in a fast and easy manner, offers country, destination and city based comparisons as well as unique possibilities such videos and advertisement of the locations you are interested. Burkay Bozkurt continued his explanations as follows: “You appreciate that while you are analyzing your hotel, Turkey – Spain or Antalya – Mallorca etc. You can also make comparisons. Or you can get a chance to look at the big picture by periodically comparing the interesting changes in the market to Belek – Side – Kundu. On the other hand, if we think that the earliest data today comes after the bookings have been made, Market Stats opens a completely different window allowing a realistic estimate of future reservations. Burkay Bozkurt recently stated that, as AmonRa Software and GIATA, at the ITB 2014 Berlin Exhibition, Salon 5.1 / 100 will launch the worldwide launch of Market Stats at the stands.




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